Day24: Create Dominance and not Obscurity

dominanceIn my 2nd year into my real estate career, I had a friend of mine telling me that he just sold his house. I was aghast,not  because he sold without telling me. He didn’t know that I was in Real estate!

I then realised that I wasn’t “shouting” enough of what I can do or offer. I thought that being “humble” about being a top rookie in my 1st year in business wasn’t enough. I had to shout it out. I had to blow my own trumpet.It wasn’t being about humble anymore. It’s creating business…

You see, prominence is what brings you business. And dominance is what that gets your business. When the market is bad, everyone tries to grab every single pie in the market. If you have been obscure all this while, it will be to at an utmost guarantee that you can drop out of the market. If you do not use tools like blogging, Facebook or twitter to be dominant in the space given to you, then it’s a slow death in your business.

I had at least 4 deals that came through facebook. They are not total strangers, but they are friends of friends. Everybody watches you on Facebook. You may not have many likes on your posts or pictures, but you can be sure that people are watching you. People assess you all the time,and one way is the social media. The awards you show off is to show you have a certain credibility, your clients testimony attest to your work ethics and what you say on the web makes a direct connection to who you really are.

Create that dominance in the industry you are in. Let people know who you really are