Day 25: Make Love

keepcalmI attended a seminar over the weekend,conducted by this guru Joel Bauer, who trained other gurus like Tony Robbins and T.Harv Eker. One of the things he taught us is to have a dream card, that list your relationship, environment,passion,wealth and health as goal settings. So under the relationship i wrote as “spending quality time with my kids and go to a nice restaurant once a week, and make love to my wife 3 times a week..i made a mistake sharing this with my pals who attended with me, and they all laughed.

You see, at my age, that is a feat! you need one day rest day in between so you can “perform” better the next day. But it’s not the act that matters, but the duration of that. As we age, we tend to “linger” a little more then when we are in our twenties. We must learn to enjoy the moment and not rush the time..make love with your food as well..take time to enjoy every morsel that comes into your mouth. Gobbling down food is not the way , and if you want to lose weight, then take in your food…slowly.

Make love with nature..breathe in the fresh air in the morning..walk through the morning grass filled with dew on your bare feet..smell the fresh rain falling on the earth..Keep the passion going


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