Day 26: Laugh at yourself

william-arthur-ward-writer-quote-to-make-mistakes-is-human-to-stumble There is this fracas created by this youtube person called Anna.. Gist of it is that she makes fun of Indians, particularly indian girls for their fashion sense, or language, or accent. Basically anything that invokes a laughter, at the expense of the Indian girls.

Latest one got the indian girls so riled up, that they went full force against her. Anna, in turn, came out with a video on cyber-bullying.

First of all, if you dare to make fun of a particular race or creed, be prepared for the onslaught of grave remarks spewed on your goodself. Afterall, you did go public with your insinuations.

I watched the videos of her applying makeup that was an over-exaggeration.She kinda made a general statement that all indian girls, especially those appearing in vasantham channel. To a certain extent, that is true. But that’s a given, since under the harsh lights, a certain “amount” of makeup is needed to compensate the harsh lighting, and it even goes for the guys.


Having said that, my common sense says that since I’m a public person, i must be sensitive to people’s feelings. It means I need to judge if the person is matured enough to listen to jokes about that person, or race or creed.

Let’s take a local celebrity Kumar. His self-deprecating jokes about his “indianess”, and Singaporeans in general, is well received. His jokes can be very harsh, but still can be seen touching raw nerves. But does he care? No! Infact he’s being paid for it, and those who pay to see him knows what’s coming to them, race-wise deprecating humour.

Thus, the disclaimer that only “mature” audience can watch him. Likewise for Russell Peters. He started off when someone videotaped him of making offending remarks about ALL races, and long story short, he became an overnight sensation. Many people don’t realise that Anna’s offending remarks have earned her so many hits overnight, that if her channel is monetised, she would be making money. She will have the last laugh, probably all the way to the bank.

If you do get offended, then don’t watch. It only means that you don’t have that maturity to laugh at yourself,but that’s ok. You will need time to get evolved.  When is careful observations on people,made into humour, become offensive?If they are the truth, then it should set you free.

Laugh, at yourself,and see how you have grown. Being myopic, will not set your sights very far .

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