Day 16: Being True To Yourself-BE CONGRUENT

Photo from Flickr

In short, you walk your talk. Too many times,there is always this distrust with people who are not CONGRUENT..i like this word CONGRUENT..a congruent triangle is the same no matter how you orientate it. Likewise, a person who is congruent doesn’t change to whims and fancies,circumstances or variations of any kind. He says what he does,does what he says..His emotions can’t be hidden, and therefore, it is easy to trust someone like that. You don’t need to know what he’s thinking, as his actions speak louder than his words. This is something you rarely find in politicians especially, when they falter from one promise to another, from one policy to another..I had come across this article which prompted me to write this today :

Catherine Lim “chided” Singapore’s PM Lee in the most respectable honourable way, of creating distrust between the government and the people. She hit the nail on the head by charting his last elections results to the present fiasco of Blogger Roy Ngerng. Congruency can go both ways. You can be the People’s minister by upholding the principle of making lives better for Singaporeans, or be the tyrant to thumb down any possible uprisings. At least we can know how the person will react..but to be the lallang in the valley that sways whichever way the wind blows, this will be the detriment of character. Your way to success.

This is probably the reason why his father Mr Lee Kwan Yew was a successful statesman, notwithstanding the fact whether he’s seen as a good or bad man. AT least we know he’s congruent