Day 29: Just being there

I went to Ryan’s performance today. He was visibly excited, and has been making sure for the past few days that we made it to his performance..We were caught by surprise that he performed not one but two. What was even more weird is that one of the songs he performed to was called “Starjump”..what?wait… I am sure the teacher knows his condition,and here i was thinking that will be a challenge for him..Fact is he can’t jump..i know he moves well to Gangam style, but this , i was thinking for him of course, would be a challenge..or so I thought.

But he was there..not shy,and he knows everyone was watching him..all he needed was us to be proud of him..and that we were..You must be thinking, oh here is Anil, trying to say that we were all there for Ryan. True, i saw a couple of kids looking into the audience, to see if the parents were there. Could see a little disappointment in their eyes.

But what I learnt from Ryan today is, despite your perceived inability , you JUST BE THERE. Be there for your parents, for your teacher, for your friends,for the school

How is success being played here? Being there for someone who is struggling, being there for your friend who just started a new career, being there to bring happiness for someone is a physical act. Not just in thoughts or prayers. Sure, it’s a good thing to have thoughts and prayers but ask any of these people, and they will tell you, just you being there helped them.

Just being there for someone to be successful, is success itself.

Oh, and parents,be there for your kids. It is a privilege. It doesn’t matter if your kids is in the top class,or position, oe a minor role in a play..just being there builds a child in so many ways you just cannot fathom.