Day 28: Asking for help

asking helpI went to pick up my son today and i spotted my neighbour who stays few floors below, waiting for cab with the family. He was traveling with his family,what appears to be going to the airport as they had luggage with them. Picked upĀ  my son, and as i was coming back 15 minutes later,they were still there.

I parked my car as i saw the 3 members of the family strategically placing themselves at various points,hoping to catch a cab. As i was passing the husband, i asked him if he had trouble finding a first he ignored me, probably thinking i was talking to myself. I then asked again. This time he said “yaa,not easy to take cab” with a little exasperation. I then offered a ride. Afteralll it’s just 10 minutes from our place. He said, “No issues, the cab should be here any moment”, as he made a call for taxi company. Again, I offered, telling him I’ll be a quick 2 minutes to drop my son at home and be back. He said a polite no.

I also wondered if I would have said NO, if the situation was reversed. What if I miss the flight? Then again, we are almost total strangers. But we both know that we stay in the same block, and an occasional nod if we bump to each other. But in a point of desperation, would the answer be still NO?

Is it ok to ask for help if you ever need it? I hear that ego always determine whether you can ask for direction if you are lost. I ask for them almost all the time, because my sense of direction is always warped. But i guess to ask for help, we always tend to “feel” for the other person. What if we are inconveniencing them? Without even checking, we make that assumption. As in the case mentioned above. My neighbour must be thinking the same. But I made a genuine offer, and that too without him asking. I am still thinking if he got the cab in time. I am wondering if he got to the flight in time. Alas he could have avoided my concerns if he had just accepted my help. We could have been friends…

But wait, what has this got to do with success? Ask any successful person, if he needed any help to take each rung of the success ladder..i keep hearing “I am a self-made man.” The truth is, no one is a self made man. It is as good as saying, the universe made itself one fine day. A successful man has help all the way to the top. A true successful man never forgets that!