Day 18 Be the First Mover

11KIMP_JC_DANIEL_1647924eI just watched a Malayalam movie “Celluloid” by Kamal, with Pritiviraj as the protagonist J C Daniels. He was the 1st Malayalam silent movie maker, a time where the caste system and royalty ruled. He was considered a visionary by making a movie that was probably the first social drama in India. Movies were already being made in India at that time, but all were mythological or religious based. Thus, he was not the first mover in Kerala, but also the whole of India. But because of the disparity in the social classes, the movie never made it to run, as riots often broke out wherever it was played. Only because the actress who played the high class Nair lady was a low caste Dalit. She died at old age, never having seen the movie. Here’s the highlights of the movie in wikipedia:

J C Daniels died a poor man, hardly noticed. But a reporter took many years to felicitate him as the first man to make a Malayalam movie. Eventually he was given the honour. He may not have attained the success that he wanted. But he will always be remembered as the First Mover in the film industry. Today, we are more fortunate as first movers are always rewarded, if not fortune at least fame.