Day 23 Be Enthusiatic

Enthusiasm is like a catches on like wild brings out the smile and the energy in others. So when you are doing any work, as in the video, show that enthusiasm. People actually queue to see this mere shopkeeper doing what he does best. I mean, he tuens a normal menial job into something fantastic. People ought to wonder what makes this guy tick! That’s what successful people do..get people to wonder what makes you so enthused in your work, in whatever you do

Day 22 Stop Fearing

litany-of-fear-fixedIf Complaint is Worry’s cousin, then it’s evil twin is FEAR. Fear is death itself..a slow death..Fear comes in many forms. It can prevent death, or become death itself. It’s multiple personalities can come in different forms, but it can drain your spirit. Worry and Fear are the  two biggest sins according to God. It shows you don’t trust God. Fear keeps you away from your dreams. Past failures can develop a fear that will not make you move forward. Fear can envelop your talents and skills into nothing. Fear is the false evidence appearing real. It does not exist at all,but in the find

Successful people conquer their fears, head on. What that won’t kill them,only make them stronger . They replace fear, with curiosity.

Day 21 Stop Complaining

complainA close cousin to worry, is complain. It’s also Singapore’s favourite pastime(just kidding of course)! Complaining, also does not get you anywhere. We stop to think of all the blessings you have, and start focussing on the negatives..some we can change the situation, by just changing your mindset. Some we can’t change, so we make do. Complaining is a sign of weakness,but not necessarily define a person. Nevertheless, if not kept in check, it will  degrade your mind and personality. Afterall, no one likes a “complainer”

Successful people tend to complain a lot less, as they are problem solvers. They find solutions, or they live with it. Either way they look at things positively. Stop complaining,start living

Day 20 Stop Worrying

Taken from Flickr

Stop does not add an iota of peace in your robs of your sleep, your drive and sucks the very life out of you. It freezes your muscles and brain. It does not make you move an inch closer to the answer you are looking for. Instead, take a deep breath, know that God is in control. Or if you find this difficult to accept, then perhaps know that the universe is in control. What you think can happen, will happen. So, stop worrying, and think of good things that can happen. Keep a positive outlook on life,and life will repay you  backs with good things. If bad things happen, life can give you the ability to overcome. That’s what positivity will do. Trust God,let go..

Day 19 Making your passion pay for you

Taken from Razin Facebook page

Razin is a dear friend of mine who turned one of his passion into a money-making business, and very successful at it. He is one of the few people who managed to break this “iron-ricebowl” mentality, and made a very difficult decision to leave his managerial post in a government agency to start his own studio. He has now moved to a bigger studio,with a steady base of clients, and even opened a sports good business on the side..Just how many sides does he have??

Jokes aside, Razin is one who had the guts to make on his own in a very competitive market. Regardless of the economy, his business will still go on. Why? Weddings will still take place,and photographers are a must. Models will still want their portfolios. Graduates will want proper studio photos. This is by turning his passion, his skill into something that puts more than food on the table. It gives him the satisfaction of filling his soul.

Now, that’s true success

You can view his portfolio at and

Day 18 Be the First Mover

11KIMP_JC_DANIEL_1647924eI just watched a Malayalam movie “Celluloid” by Kamal, with Pritiviraj as the protagonist J C Daniels. He was the 1st Malayalam silent movie maker, a time where the caste system and royalty ruled. He was considered a visionary by making a movie that was probably the first social drama in India. Movies were already being made in India at that time, but all were mythological or religious based. Thus, he was not the first mover in Kerala, but also the whole of India. But because of the disparity in the social classes, the movie never made it to run, as riots often broke out wherever it was played. Only because the actress who played the high class Nair lady was a low caste Dalit. She died at old age, never having seen the movie. Here’s the highlights of the movie in wikipedia:

J C Daniels died a poor man, hardly noticed. But a reporter took many years to felicitate him as the first man to make a Malayalam movie. Eventually he was given the honour. He may not have attained the success that he wanted. But he will always be remembered as the First Mover in the film industry. Today, we are more fortunate as first movers are always rewarded, if not fortune at least fame.

Day 17 No Guts,No Glory

gutsTo be a successful entrepreneur, one of the key ingredients you need is guts; a risk taker. You need to get out of a comfort zone..studies have shown that 75% of employees do not want to have any kind of entrepreneurial  ventures. Almost all highly paid management will never take the plunge. Therefore, only 25% will even consider to try, and some may it big. But what if, the risk is low, and if there are no overheads to consider, and with proper training and guidance, will you then even consider to be an entrepreneur?

Then the question will be,”What will motivate you to be one?”. If your answer is financial freedom, then you need to break whatever mental models you have had all these years, to revamp your thinking to entrepreneurship. You, most of all need guts,or the gumption, to hang in there even if you don’t see results at first for a long time. That is what that separates you from mediocrity.

Day 16: Being True To Yourself-BE CONGRUENT

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In short, you walk your talk. Too many times,there is always this distrust with people who are not CONGRUENT..i like this word CONGRUENT..a congruent triangle is the same no matter how you orientate it. Likewise, a person who is congruent doesn’t change to whims and fancies,circumstances or variations of any kind. He says what he does,does what he says..His emotions can’t be hidden, and therefore, it is easy to trust someone like that. You don’t need to know what he’s thinking, as his actions speak louder than his words. This is something you rarely find in politicians especially, when they falter from one promise to another, from one policy to another..I had come across this article which prompted me to write this today :

Catherine Lim “chided” Singapore’s PM Lee in the most respectable honourable way, of creating distrust between the government and the people. She hit the nail on the head by charting his last elections results to the present fiasco of Blogger Roy Ngerng. Congruency can go both ways. You can be the People’s minister by upholding the principle of making lives better for Singaporeans, or be the tyrant to thumb down any possible uprisings. At least we can know how the person will react..but to be the lallang in the valley that sways whichever way the wind blows, this will be the detriment of character. Your way to success.

This is probably the reason why his father Mr Lee Kwan Yew was a successful statesman, notwithstanding the fact whether he’s seen as a good or bad man. AT least we know he’s congruent


Day 15 Law of Attraction

law of attractionThe Law of Attraction, a subject told extensively in the book “Secret of Law of Attraction”, is expounded in most religious books. It is a form of energy, but in this case, positive energy attracts positive things..This is what is called faith. Your belief in God providing everything to you is a positive energy. Your own belief that good things come to you is a positive energy.

My own philosophy, of rather belief, is that I’d rather trust in Jesus, in my case, rather than my ownself is because God doesn’t have limits..I do..But I can do all things in Christ who is in me. Philippians 4:13. This is a much easier route for me.

Nevertheless, whichever belief you are in, one thing is for sure. The Law of Attraction is universal. Feel good about yourself. Have a positive insight even when things don’t appear to come your way.

I always think that with God, all things are possible Mark 10:27

Day 14 Passion Hunger & Discipline

passion Tony Robbins has spoken passionately about this. Passion is like the 1st gear, and hunger is the the gears to move your vehicle to the optimal speed, I’m just para-phrasing here.. It’s the discipline that fuels this passion and hunger. It is the discipline to stay on track, and keeping focussed on what you want to achieve. You have blinders, and you are deaf to  negativity. And you don’t stop until you reach your destination.